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Chylyng offers IoV / IoV service integration solutions, as well as wireless bluetooth TPMS, smart bracelets, and smart security community solution and expect smart life to live around you and me!


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About Chylyng

Chylyng provides APP project design, system analysis, hardware and software integration development solutions and services.

In 2012, Chylyng was founded in July 25, 2012, the main business is the wireless remote control APP customization services

In 2013, Chylyng was selected one of the best companies for Taoyuan SBIR program (get accredited for three consecutive years)

In 2014, Chylyng was selected as the 2014 Taoyuan bright spot company.

In 2015, Ministry of Economic Affairs –get the honor of the Good performance enterprise for “Open Data” Service Industry Application Promotion Program.

In 2015, The champion of the TYC Campus competition.

In 2015, Chylyng was selected into the Ministry of Economy SME A + program

In 2016, cultivate potential 2016 Ministry of Economic Affairs of start-ups plan – Highlights Enterprise

In 2016, Chylyng was awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industry Bureau of the technical services of the energy companies

In 2016, Chylyng into board for Startup (stock code: 7510)

In 2016, won the Taoyuan Best Enterprise Excellence Award - Youth Entrepreneurship Excellence Award

Wireless BT TPMS solution


wearable smart bracelet solution


long-term care safety system


APP customized development


Chylyng team has a wealth of technical research and development experience, very familiar with Bluetooth 4.0, iBeacon technology, also handled a number of large-scale Internet of things system projects, including: Hitachi air-conditioning wireless detection system, Ichia Technology's low-power Bluetooth TPMS APP System ... etc. Not only that, but also handled a lot of cloud management system, including: chain of brunch restaurant of food traceability system, police account management system ... and so on.


Chylyng provide IoV/IoT service integration solution

2017 Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency Taoyuan Summit - Chylyng was invited to smart bracelet gift manufacturers

Thanks to the ""Asia Silicon Valley Taoyuan Summit. Innovation × Upgrade × Internet of Things"" Summit with Chylyng's customized bracelet as a mysterious gift of VIP! # Wearable bracelet solution # Customized enterprise gift solution

Chylyng is one of the technology sponsors of the 2017 Taoyuan Agricultural Expo

Chylyng provides technology-sensitive smart bracelet and smart tablet interaction between the Taoyuan Agricultural Expo site to provide the size of friends fun and fun experience, both interesting and understand the depth of the meaning of the Agricultural Expo. In addition, you can also use the activities of the analysis, know the use of visitors record!

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Chylyng General Manager - Dr. Brouse Huang was invited to FM96.7 - Universal Radio

[Kung Fu Fighting] Episode 33: see social trends and business opportunities, to provide the potential for integration of hard and soft application services ""create a different value in the future, is from the people to solve social problems!"" This sentence to Chylyng CEO - Dr. Brouse Huang deeply in mind, but also really try to practice this idea! Everything is difficult to start, this road a lot of people want to go, but from the beginning to think of sustainable management, are learning Huang Zhaoqi will teach you in the program: how to grasp the market, how to find the need, how to amend the business model, And how to do the industry to upgrade the existing technology!

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Success case

IoV/IoT/Smart home/Long-term care platform/Industry4.0/Curtural innovation

17 TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor APP

Integration of Bluetooth wireless communications technology, Innovative research and development of a variety of excellent tire pressure sensor, And production and supply of various automotive supply field

17GOFIT- Smart bracelet APP

Combining Chylyng's 17GoFit Smart Bracelet, you can monitor the number of exercise steps and the amount of calories you can consume and monitor your heart rate and sleep so that you can always know your physical condition!

Smart suitcase APP

Combined with the United States well-known brand suitcase, GPS to find the trunk, one button to sense the weight of the case, through the fingerprint identification of new users, anti-theft alarm and other intelligent function

The world of ice - ice food material experience APP

The world of ice App main function for coupon sending mechanism and instant advertising push, and the new build customer interaction system, and consumers to establish an effective business relationship, create customer return.

FunHas APP - Long Term Care and Lohas Services APP

Combined with the long care service platform and the Bluetooth emergency button, if the elderly need, anytime, anywhere through this APP call service, and notify the emergency contact their own positioning, and APP also has many elderly music live information.

Smart home

Through wireless Wifi technology, so that home appliances can be APP control, and can preset the time switch, easy to upgrade to a smart family.

TDC Power - Smart Lighting Control APP

ou can control the relevant light through the APP, at any time to adjust the light size, and design many situations and flicker, can be used in the Christmas lights or home.

Zilihome confinement meal system

Confinement meal management system, through this system can quickly and easily manage a variety of ordering rules of the order, and according to customer needs to facilitate changes in the rules of the meal, from ordering to the meal through the train service can be convenient and fast, and through APP can Quick order and delivery.






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Internet of Vehicle

Bluetooth TPMS

German manufacturers chip
In line with international factory specifications
Apple MFI certification
NCC / FCC / CE / EMI / ARTC / BSMI certification

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Healthy smart bracelet

Phone call / Alarm reminder
Movement step function
Sleep analysis function
Heart rate detection function"

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News reports

Chylyng has won numerous awards, many news media reports, quality assurance!

Chylyng grinding double-edged, blade toward the wearable competitive market

2017/1/24 Published in Money Weekly No. 857

The 10th Taoyuan Lanyou Enterprise Excellence Award was released at the end of the year (2016), which fully demonstrated the excellent strength of Taoyuan industry. Among them, Chylyng Co., LTD. (Starup board 7510) because of the past accumulated experience and achievements, so successfully won the Youth Entrepreneurship Excellence Award.

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Chylyng will log on to the startup board on November 24, 2016

2016/11/23 Published in Economic Daily News

Chylyng (7510) will be logged on the Startup board on November 24th. Chylyng belongs to the electronic technology industry, mainly to provide APP project design, system analysis, hardware and software integration development solutions and services

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Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote small and medium enterprises, cultivate potential new team

2016/10/19 Published in Economic Daily News / A20 / business innovation

Chylyng Co., Ltd., which has the help of project management, system analysis, software system development and design, has gained the favor of the creation of the "Entrepreneurship A + Action Plan" in the last year (2015) To discuss cooperation, the two sides and in the first quarter of 2016 completed the investment case

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Our team

Chylyng Co., Ltd. team, is to recruit talent in various fields in the project management, hardware and software integration development, cloud platform construction, together with the establishment of the company. At the beginning of the establishment, R & D innovation will be regarded as the company's important core values. Chylyng's R & D team has a wealth of experience in project development, Chylyng in addition to providing customers with good information development services, but also continue to upgrade, the development of the latest technology to enhance the development of power.


Founder & general manager

National Taipei University of Technology / Doctor of Comupter Sience and technology
Chylyng Co., LTD. General manager
Project co-ordination and distribution, digital content, hardware and software integration


executive director

National Taipei University of Technology / Master of Management
Nancy Co., Ltd.'s chairman
Management, automotive electronics, strategic planning, business negotiations


Marketing Manager

National Taipei University of Technology / Master of Comupter Sience and technology
Chylyng Co., LTD. - Marketing Manager
Project management, e - commerce, system analysis and design, system analysis, demand interviews

饒欣榕 (Betty)

Sales manager

Vanung University / Master of Management
Marketing management, marketing strategy model

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